I am skilled in many aspects of digital design including e-mail design, digital ads, landing pages, websites and more. While designing for the web, I strive to create layouts that are aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate, readable and compatible with all modern browsers. Everything from the site architecture to font choice, color palette to link structure — has an impact on the success of your website. It’s the right look and feel, smooth user experience and accessible content that will persuade visitors to respond.

Solo Website Projects (completed entire website from design to code):
Cindy Earl Covic, Hair Stylist  •   Blackhawk Telecom

Team Website Projects:

Entertainment  •  Empower HR  •  StoryPoint Group  •  StoryPoint Group Landing Page  • Rankin Services

Social Media: 

Eggs Up Grill Instagram  •  Eggs Up Grill Facebook  •  Art Van Instagram  • Pretty Little Things Instagram

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